Affiliated Services


Whether personal or business we often overlook the need for a fully licensed accountant to offer up-to-date changes in tax legislation.  Preparing end of year financial taxation returns and as offering assistance in investment structures to maximise taxation benefits.  At JPG we have a full range of accounting services including bookkeeping.

Please call me if you wish to engage with any of our accounting and bookkeeping specialists.


JPG has built a strong rapport with several legal firms that can accommodate a one off action or a more serious legal circumstance.  The benefit of using JPG is we can assess the situation and refer you to the very best legal firm taking into account your budget and requirements.


One area of your business that is imperative and often overlooked is your full marketing strategy.  This is where you define your vision, aims, objectives and USP (unique selling proposition) and most importantly who your main target market is.  We can align you with some creative marketing gurus to help with all your marketing needs.  Can you afford to be directionless?  Give us a call if the answer is no….

Media, Communications and Events

Let’s be blunt, as a business operating in today’s market you have to get your story out there and we can partner you with some of the best in the industry to suit all budgets and all mediums.  We can accommodate above and below the line media channels from print adverts, billboards, to digital advertising and much more.  Call us to find out more…

Website & Graphic Design

You have your business idea and now you need to look at your branding.  Your logo, signage, business cards and website fall under this category.  It is important to build trust so these elements are where first impressions count.  Giving potential customers the ability to find out information about your business without arranging face-to-face appointments is essential in attracting real customers who buy from you.

Social Media

Facebook is currently part of most of the populations daily life and where better than to communicate with potential customers than on this juggernaut media platform.  We can also help you with Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more.  We have picked the best in the field to facilitate your needs.  Why not give us a ring or email us today…

Search Engine Optimisation

Do you want to be at the top of the search results on Google, Bing, Yahoo? This is a tricky process to successfully be there and stay there.  JPG can introduce you to the best in the business who will let you into some of the secrets to help you achieve your goals.  We can also help you with paid search engine advertising like Google Ad words.  Just give us a call and we can make the connections….

Client Testimonials

Interested in working with us? Check out some of our client testimonials below!
Fresh Constructions Australia Pty Ltd
Helen Sykes
Anjie Lal

Fresh Constructions Australia Pty Ltd

Thank you so much, our latest edition to our Team arrived today. We appreciate the speedy and efficient approach you used to help us purchase and obtain the right solution for our business. Highly recommend your services to all businesses! Looking forward to working with you in the future

Helen Sykes

Director, Ambiance Australia

I have found JPG Business Solutions an absolute asset to growing my company!  Jon Gillingham; the CEO is committed to making sure that whatever my business requirements are he can find a solution. Warehousing to PA services to cash flow issues….Jon IS THE GO TO MAN.  I recommend Jon Gillingham to any business anywhere…Jon gets the job done!

Anjie Lal

Director, Apulse Recruitment Pty Ltd.

As a startup recruitment agency, I made some bad decisions with the people I chose to help me with my business.  I was fortunate to have met Jon from JPG Business Solutions; he took the time out to understand where my business was at and the issues I was facing that challenged the growth of my business.  After the analysis was completed, Jon had an action plan as to what changes needed to occur, who the right the contacts would be for my business to grow.  Through Jon’s recommendations, I came to realise the errors I had made.  Essentially Jon has saved me a lot of money, and now I am dealing with other professionals introduced, who understand the challenges of a small startup recruitment agency.  Thanks Jon, I now have a network of people I can turn to, which is what every small business owner needs. I can’t thank you enough for the personalised service you delivered and you’re someone whom I would always turn to whenever I require help to connect with the right professional’s to help with the growth of my business.